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The company, the culture and the Latin American cuisine.


It`s Time to Share the Love

With close to 400 locations in the South American country of Brazil and more than 30 years in action, Giraffas brings together a multicultural cuisine that combines a touch of American favorites with a dash of Brazilian tastiness.

Giraffas on a Mission

It’s no secret that Giraffas’ goal is to stick our necks as far as possible to bring you the most delicious dishes.

A meal at Giraffas is a trifecta of value, service, and quality. Simply put, we are committed to serving high quality food at a fair price with the best service you’ll find. Not bad for a lunch break!


Yes… we would love to ‘meat’ you! Come by anytime for lunch and dinner. We are open 7 days a week.
No… We don’t serve giraffe meat. Our signature picanha steak is a uniquely Brazilian cut full of juicy flavor.
Yes…We use only fresh products and ingredients, all handmade each day at our restaurants.
Yes… we serve many Brazilian delicacies, such as Farofa, a toasted mixture of Brazilian manioc flour, eggs, bacon and parsley.
Yes… it’s like having Brazil at your very own feet! (minus the 8-hour flight).

Our Menu

Giraffas multicultural Brazilian menu has a little of something for everyone. Whether you are heading here on your own or with family or friends, our restaurant has brilliant Brazilian cuisine for your tummies! From grilled burgers to salads to famous Brazilian steaks, our menu includes it all so that all you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy your munch!

Kids Menu

We all know how difficult it can be to get our kids to eat! But fear not, as Giraffas is a fabulous restaurant for crianças (that’s Portuguese for kids). Our kids menu is tailored to cater to every little one that comes through. Our burgers and many other tasty delights will have your child filled with excitement and most importantly, with healthy goodness!

Giraffas News

Who said Giraffas don’t speak? Our Giraffas will update you on the latest!

Check out our news page continuously and see what new things Giraffas’ has in store for you! Stay up-to-date with our new locations,  product launches, restaurant promotions and events.

What’s On Your Plate?

Let Giraffas fill your plate with the unique Brazilian flavors and influences that is becoming the go to place for business and families alike looking for delicious, flavorFULL dishes that are healthy, hearty and will have you coming back for more time and time again.

Giraffas has been featured in Travel & Leisure Magazine, was voted the top 13th most popular Fast – Casual restaurant in North America and amazing it’s guests with a selection of foods that is made to be enjoyed by the whole family.

From the moment you enter Giraffas your senses soar with an award-winning décor and succulent menu of unique Brazilian dishes and rich flavors.

Giraffas offers dishes that include premium-quality, uniquely Brazilian Picanha, chicken, shrimp and salmon specials, and our famous quinoa salad and Farofa. Diners can also enjoy a selection of beer, including Devassa Brazilian beer.

Giraffas is sticking its neck out to ensure you a Gastronomic Experience.

Go to www.giraffas.com to find the location nearest you.

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